About my book

How can I make a booking online?

1. Please enter pickup point in options
2. Choose vehicle, and then click ‘Calculate price’.
3. Complete the required fields of the personal information form and enter your payment details (guarantee). Before completing the booking, you must accept the booking terms and conditions.

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

We will send you the confirmation voucher by e-mail.

Has my booking request been confirmed?

All the cars on our web site are available in principle. Because of high demand in the holiday season, all bookings are checked manually and reconfirmed in order to prevent availability problems. Once you have made your request and within the period established, we will notify you whether your booking has been confirmed or not. If confirmed, we will send your confirmation voucher by e-mail. You should print your voucher and show it to our supplier when you pick up your vehicle.

I have made a booking but have not received an e-mail confirmation.

Ensure you have entered a valid e-mail address. Please check the junk mail folder of your e-mail program and if you do not find it there please contact our Bookings department through the following page

How long can I hire a vehicle for?

You can make a booking for a maximum of 30 days. If you need the vehicle for longer and you want to extend your hire period, you need to renew the contract every 30 days. Please contact us for more information.

Can I book a vehicle for today?

Make the request in the usual way on our web site. Please contact our Customer Service department to speed up the process. During the summer period demand is high and we are unable to confirm bookings made less than 24 hours in advance.

How are hire days counted?

Days are counted as 24 hour periods starting from the time when the vehicle is picked up. Part days must be paid in full for insurance reasons.

Can I choose the car model?

We cannot confirm specific car makes, models or colours, or the type of fuel used. However, in the majority of cases we deliver the model offered or better.

How can I change my booking details?

By sending an e-mail from the ‘Contact’ link on the Home page of our web site or by calling our Customer Service line on 971 800 563.

What should I do to extend my booking?

If you wish to extend your booking, please bear in mind that you should tell us before your contract period expires. Please contact our Customer Service department.

How do I request an invoice for my booking?

Please contact us using the ‘Contact’ link on the home page, providing us with your reservation number and fiscal information. We will send the invoice by email as quickly as possible.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Yes you can, provided you notify us by email on

What documents must I have to hire a car?

Your current Passport or National Identity Card (also required for additional drivers). Your driving licence (also for additional drivers). A credit card.

What is the minimum age for hiring a car?

Each supplier has their own conditions regarding the minimum age for drivers. You will be informed about the minimum age required during the reservation process. Almost all suppliers demand a minimum age of 21 and that the driver has held their licence for at least two years before hiring economy and compact group cars. There may be a supplement for a young driver of between 2 and 6 euros per day, depending on the vehicle. Please read the contract conditions of your vehicle.

What type of insurance can I take out when hiring a car?

All our vehicles are hired with fully comprehensive insurance plus excess, except for higher range models. Depending on the make and model, the excess is 225 – 450 euros for economy group vehicles. For higher range vehicles, see the conditions. You can waive your excess when you pick up your vehicle from the office.

Should I reserve a baby/child seat when booking the car?

Yes, you must request it at the time of booking. The additional charge will not be included in the booking total and must be paid at the pickup office. Our supplier will have the seat available for your vehicle when you pick it up. The prices are around 3 or 4 euros, depending on the supplier.

Can I include an additional driver in my booking?

Yes. Before signing the contract at the destination, you can include a second driver. There may be an additional charge, depending on the supplier. Please read the booking terms and conditions.

Where do I pick up my vehicle at the airport?

Please read the information on the voucher about the pickup point.

Can I pick up the car in the hotel? Is there an additional charge for this service?

Yes. Some supplies provide this service for bookings of over 4 days and there is an additional charge. Please read the booking terms and conditions.

Can I return the vehicle to a different office from where I picked it up? How much does this cost?

If you want to return the vehicle to a different office from where you picked it up, simply indicate the offices at the start of the booking process on the first page of our web site. Please read the booking terms and conditions as some of our suppliers make an additional charge of 20 euros for returning the car to a different office.

What should I do if I don't have my flight number?

If you do not yet have a flight number, you can complete the box with the word, ‘PENDIENTE’ or ‘PENDING’. If the flight number is not applicable, complete the box with the word, ‘WALK IN’.


Why must I have a credit card?

The credit card provides our collaborators with a guarantee. You must show it in order to make any payment. It may belong to anyone provided that person is physically present at the time of picking up the vehicle.

I don't have a credit card, so can I hire a car?

A credit card is essential for hiring a car.

Vehicle rental

Who can drive the car?

The driver must be the person who has made the booking. The driver must show their driving licence before picking up the car. A second driver is allowed and there may be an additional charge, depending on the supplier.

Can I leave Formentera with the vehicle?

To comply with insurance conditions, the vehicle must not leave the island. You cannot, for example, take the car to Ibiza.

Do I have to leave a deposit when picking up the car?

Each supplier has different conditions. Please read the booking terms and conditions carefully. If you have an excess on your insurance, the excess amount will be held on your card until you return the vehicle. You can waive the excess by paying an additional charge, which will be described in the conditions.


Generally speaking, the following conditions are applicable for all suppliers: – For rentals up to 3 days, the amount of deposit returned will be proportional to the amount of fuel left in the tank (1/2, ¼, etc.). – If the rental is 4 days or more, the total amount of the full tank will be charged, and the vehicle must be returned as empty as possible. There is no option for partial return of the deposit. – At the start of the rental period, you will be asked to pay for the fuel. – The price of fuel will vary according to the vehicle model and will be somewhere between ?50 and ?100 for a full tank. – Please read the terms and conditions for each vehicle carefully, as they vary according to each collaborator.

Can I waive the insurance excess?

All suppliers usually allow you to waive or reduce the excess by paying a daily supplement shown on the booking conditions. You can find out about this service at the vehicle pickup office.